Physician burnout is risk to physician & patient

Physician burnout is a risk to the physician and the patient (Joan-Marie Stiglich 10/14/16)

“(P)hysicians as a group experience burnout and there are consequences to patient care, a well-known researcher on physician burnout said here at the Cardiometabolic Risk Summit…Studies have revealed high levels of stress, depersonalization, anxiety and depression, and a disproportionate amount of suicidal thoughts and suicide in the physician population vs. the U.S. population as a whole…electronic health records (EHRs) and computerized physician order entry (CPOE) may lead to unintended negative consequences such as an increased clerical burden on physicians …There are data that show that losing one family physician costs a health care system $1 million…higher rates of burnout symptoms such as depersonalization, increase medical errors…We need to fix that root cause [of burnout] and it will have a double benefit [for the physician and the patient],” Shanafelt said.”

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